Saturday, October 01, 2005

About me: Our beer and chicken do at Elvis

OK, so instead of being a hermit, I decided not to stay home for my birthday, and gave Rob a call to go out to Elvis. It was good, being chilled out and all ~ the way I like it.

The involvees:

Jung Eun ~ One of the bar tenders. Suncheon national treasure #1

Ji Hee ~ Another bar tender. Suncheon national treasure #1 (also). Can't be biased with rankings can I?

I must say though, after taking these two shots, I almost gave up taking pictures for the night.

Why, you might ask?

Because they made me take pictures over and over again, until they were satisfied with EVERYTHING! Argh~


Robert ~ Cool ass GE electrical engineer. My Elvis drinking buddy.

Me ~ Birthday boy.

When it comes to Elvis, I have a two-drink policy. Laugh at me for all you want, but I am a sissy as far as drinking is concerned.

The chow:

Hite draft ~ Its good...
*shhh ~ don't tell anyone, but its the most economical drink at Elvis.

The tequila shots ~ Cuervo, absolutely the best. Thanks Rob!

Lest we forget ~ Beer and Chicken. It is probably Korea's greatest contribution to the culinary world, as far as my (a.k.a. foreigner) taste buds are concerned. Perfect blend of tastes and texture ~ Absolutamente!

*Note: There is an entire side lane by the famous Jagalji market in Pusan that has stalls dedicated to selling whole fried chooks with beer!

The kick-ass entertainer:

You just have to be at Elvis to see this guy. Ricky, the master juggler. He doesn't just juggle... that's just the way he normally stirrs up the mixed drinks.

Click on the picture for a video clip I took of Ricky. Its about 8 Megabytes.

He's good ain't he?!


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