Friday, September 23, 2005

PMS: Bank loan rejected!

Was chatting to a friend who was clearly in distress yesterday, and it seems that I must do yet another exposé on the dumb people in this world... and another PMS moment. Here's to world peace!

~ The spotlight is on ~

Character 1: JT
Yet another classic example of a damsel in distress. She pays the bills, tries day in and out to feed her five kids as a single mum, support ailing parents, and trying to pay her way through college with two part-time jobs. There's also a dry-cleaning shop she runs at the back of her kitchen during the nights, just so she can rest her weary head for a while... she can't afford a bed for herself, so she uses the linen and dirty laundry that customers send to her for cleaning.
*Tears streaming down my eyes...

Character 2: CD898
We'll leave the description of him until after you've read the following conversation that ensued between JT and CD898... Do note that they have not kept in-touch for years, and CD898 suddenly pops up on Yahoo Messenger with this request.

~ The story ~

*OK, so you've struck it rich over the last few years, and you didn't even bother to call me?!

*Drum roll...

*What the crap.... aren't you stating the obvious? You're not just troubling me, you're giving me a friggin heart attack!

*Hey, don't you get the bloody hint?

*This girl is waaaaaaay too nice. At this point, I would've sweared at the bugger in all the languages I know.

*Waddya mean "Nah its alright?", I should be the one saying that, and you should be the one saying sorry... Whats wrong with this part of the converstion hey?!

*poof* ~ CD898 dissappears into offline-ness

Tell me people like that don't deserve to get a kick in the butt? Who the crap doesn't keep in-touch, and expects immediate AUD$25,000 (~USD$19,000) favors anyway?

~ The Conclusion ~

CD898 is a PMS ass, and I hate people like that. This post is for you JT... Hope you feel better.

~ The disclaimer ~

JT doesn't really have 5 kids and isn't a single mum, but the story is real though. Hey~ gotta spice up the story right?


At January 24, 2006 9:27 PM, Blogger Jo said...

well, it happened to me, my case was not such a big amount, just few RM hundreds ringgit. But this prick gave lots of lame excuses didnt want to pay back as per promised. Anyway, used up the money to buy one dignity and frenship. do u think is worth it? money always is a sensitive issue. Help or not? selfish or selfless?


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