Saturday, September 24, 2005

Health: Tourmaline sports rings

I've always noticed Mr. An with this cool rubber/plastic necklace around his neck and wrists. I always wondered what in the world that could be, and so today, I asked......

Turns out that it isn't just any cheap ass plastic decoration - Its a TOURMALINE sports ring. You wear it, so that the precious Tourmaline can improve your "well-being".

Apparently the concept/application came from Japan a few years back.

Not cheap: we're talking like USD$30 for a piece for the neck sports-ring, and about USD$15~20 for a bracelet.

Checkout the local e-retailer site: Yaksawa.
*Note: 1,000 won (원) = USD$1.00

I mean...... does that really even DO ANYTHING??!! Call me a skeptic, but I really pissed myself laughing.


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