Monday, September 26, 2005

About me: My sundays and the trash paparazzi

Sundays are typically days where I either:
1. Go on trips
2. Do absolutely NOTHING related to manual labor... with the exception of mopping the friggin floor in the apartment, and taking out the trash.

Yes... I do the mopping religiously every weekend, in case you were wondering, and I take off the shoes too when I walk into the apartment. Taking the trash out is also a weekend MUST.

Natural resources in Korea are scarce. Hence they HAVE to recycle. Just downstairs by the car-park, there are the various bins for plastics, metal, paper, general trash, and my gosh...... even food scraps in a separate bin!

Anyway, they are serious about it... fervent even. Check this out: I call it the Trash Paparazzi.

Word has it, that we get fined when the wrong trash is put in the wrong bin. We also need to put conventional trash in a special bag... another post on that later.

Argh~ How many more of these bloody urban legends do we need anyway??!!

Loophole assessment: Since surveillance cameras are operated by our apartment security guards, just do the rubbish at wee hours of the night when they're probably asleep. *Wink


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