Thursday, September 29, 2005

Business: Coffee packs

Coffee seems to be my best friend these days, since 12-hour workdays look indefinite for the next few weeks.

It is a fact that the Koreans have got it all figured out. Why do I know? That's because they really impressed me with two things:
1. Zylitol dispenser ~ An absolute classic.
2. Maxim instant coffee packaging ~ Smart.

3-in-1 Instant coffee that I drink here comes in sticks. Not sure about the other brands, but what I find ingenious about the Maxim brand packaging is this...

Note the yellow spot at the back of the packaging. If you hold on to it while pouring the contents out the other end, all the sugar (loaded into THAT end) will not pour out.

Voila ~ low sugar coffee! When done, you could also use the stick as a stirrer. Very handy indeed...

Smart way of doing business isn't it? It is effortless, as far as saving cost on repackaging the two products (low sugar and normal coffee) in two separate kinds of packaging.

Well, that's my take on that anyway...


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