Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Travel: Jeju island

Chuseok (추석) , being the time of the year, when the moon is brightest, and Koreans take to the grave to pay respect to their ancestors... its also when I sneak out to be a tourist.

Now, how'd we do? I'd say it was mighty perfect - no big crowds, no traffic jams, beautiful scenery, and quite a few things I learnt, travelling through Jeju:

  1. Its almost impossible to pee while staring into the ocean. Found that out, as the ferry we took (with my car on-board) to the island bobbled up and down.

  2. People are way chilled on Jeju Island. I have yet to see a single person run a light, and doing way over the speed limit. This was our "3-day Jeju drivearound" observation.

    Suncheon vs. Jeju = 0 - 1
  3. If you're looking for white sand and abundance of beautiful beaches on Jeju... not too many. Its an ex-volcanic island, and you'll find lotsa rocks and beaches with black + rough sand.

  4. HOWEVER, if you're looking for outdoor views of the likes of sunrises, lava caves, greenery and of course... the Jeju Harubang stone statues, you're in the right spot.

    3rd picture to the right: This harubang is one of the originals on the island. It can be seen at Samseonghyeol (삼성혈) ~ where legend has it, is the point where 3 demi-Gods emerged from the ground, hence establishing the first of humankind on Jeju.

  5. Jeju is not the fishing village that I thought... It has buildings and amenities like any other major city in Korea, with the exception of maybe an Outback Steakhouse or Bennigans. Jeju city is so clean, that you could even swim in the city center river!

    *The Americans I traveled with went through steak withdrawal syndrome the whole trip... but they survived.

  6. Its pretty amazing to think that there are towns that depend on the sunrise as its main tourist attraction...

    We stayed at Seongsan (성산) for a night just to catch the sunrise.

  7. A trip could always end with a beautiful sunset on the horizon... Ah~

There are more pictures from the trip. Check it out on the 'My travel pictures!' link... If you want originals, do e-mail me for them.


At September 24, 2005 9:17 AM, Anonymous G said...

Glad you enjoyed the trip to our fine island.

I've enjoyed reading about it and checking out your pictures.

I would say this, though...there are white sand beaches with great texture on the island. Jungmoon, Hamdeok, Hyeopjae, and Geumneung come to mind. If you come again, check them out!

Another place with great beaches is Udo Island, off the coast of Seongsan (성산).

At September 24, 2005 9:42 AM, Blogger Kurios1978 said...


I must say though, maybe we didn't wander off to the right beaches. I will def drop you a mail to find out where the locals go and what the locals eat if I do drop by again...... ;)

Will take your word for it.


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