Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Food: Origu-i and Boggeumbab

This one is for Joanne, who had notions of visiting Korea because of yesterday's post on the knee bone soup and health rice. It was apparently too tempting...

Went out last night with the two Mr. Kim's I frequently work with at the jobsite, and they decided on duck hot-plate. Oooh~

Seng Origu-i (생오리구이) - Fresh roast duck on a hotplate with kimchi and sauces on the side.

In case you do insist on fresh meat, make sure you spot the word "생" when ordering in Korea.

생 = Fresh/unfrozen

And here's how you eat it:

Wrapped in lettuce, mushroom with meat on top, throw in some kimchi, dip it in any of the sauces... Anyway you like.

God bless Korea!

And you think it's all done?

Again... NO!

The ol' lady throws in rice to soak up all the flavored oil from the barbeque we just had... then in goes some sesame oil, sprouts, kimchi, a tad of Korean chili sauce and topped off with some seaweed bits to create ~ Boggeumbab (볶음밥).

At this rate, I might as well forget about a diet~


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