Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Food: Dogani-tang and 'Health' rice

Mr. Gang was tempting me with all these names of non-mainstream Korean cuisine yesterday. My threshold for resisting excessive intakes of food and spending (read: Cheapskate) finally gave way, and said yes to a dinner invitation.

- The meal.

- Dogani-tang (도가니탕): Beef knee bone soup, boiled in chestnut and dates.

Yeongyang Nolsot-bab (영양놀솥밥): It's basically a Health Rice Hotpot. Absolutely fantasticallicious, with peas, onions, and dates all mixed in. Some restaurants serve it in a bamboo tube for extra flavor. This though, is just as good...

Think it was good, and the meal is done?

Nope... Rice leftovers at the bottom of a pot are hardly wasted in Korea. Its even better with burnt rice! Hot water is added, and left to sit for a 10~15 minutes to obtain a rice flavored drink. Voila ~ You get to down a bowl of Nurungji (누룽지) to clean the tracts.

All (two persons) for only USD$20. Ah~ satisfaction.

p.s: Wonder who paid? I did...... Not such a cheapskate alright!


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