Monday, October 17, 2005

Travel: Mountain walk @ Bonghwasan

OK, so maybe this doesn't really classify as a travel post, since I only went to Bonghwa mountain (봉화산) on the weekend, and it is just a 5 minute drive from my house in Suncheon city (순천시). Also, it really is only 355 meters tall...


Anyway ~ It was a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon, and so Linda and I decide to torture each other... as well as Bruno ~ the dog, by trekking up Bonghwa mountain at the back of her place. Linda is an English teacher in Suncheon by the way, and happens to be the ONLY Irish woman I know...

Now say: "Wow...".

So we trek to the top. The wee road is a bit dreary, with steep slopes and rocky footpaths. Being the difficult (*ehem...) climb that it was (hey~ just give me my moment of glory!), seeing nice scenery and flowers just wouldn't do it.

The REAL motivation... Gimbap picnic/lunch up top!

OK... jokes over. Here's the REAL REAL motivation...

The view: Suncheon city - East. Note that it is crammed full with soooooooooo many apartments, but its only 1/4 of the entire city of 270,000+ people. Scary sight.

After the wee picnic, we make our way to one of the more civilized resting areas on another side of the mountain.

Nearby, is a wee health park with various facilities, including these big ass (I mean BIG = 5kg) hoopla-hoops...

In the name of beautiful waists!

There on, the descend was nothing to shout about, with the exception of my Ddokguk (똑국) dinner at a local joint and the rest of the 10,000 km walk home. It really did feel like that, at the end of the 5-hours later!

Anyway, that was my Sunday. Great day out, and great company...

*Linda, hope you spotted the "wee"s... ;)


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