Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Nature: Autumn is REALLY here!

These days, you really wonder whether the official dates for seasons make sense anymore. Like last year, they said: "Oh, today is the first day of summer"...

Like... yeah right! I was still freezing my butt off, even though I was wearing winter gear!

2005: Autumn supposedly set in a couple of weeks ago in Korea, but I had my doubts. Last year, I knew when it set in ~ as leaves started turning colors.

They sure do have some spectacular arrays of reds and yellows on display around these parts of the world! Took this picture last year in Incheon.

This year though, I know for sure that autumn set in ~ Persimmons!

They are finally in-season and are probably the most wonderful fruit I can lay my hands on in Korea. However, Rob ~ another American field engineer reckons that they use it only for feeding deer in Oklahoma...

Whatever dude, I love them!

Bought this lot yesterday. Only USD$3 for a 2kg bag (or 20 pieces)... God bless Korea!


At October 13, 2005 11:18 AM, Blogger deidre death said...

what a beutiful autumn photo! i also love persimmons but they are expensive here and overripe.


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