Thursday, October 13, 2005

About me: My new lunchtime hobby

Seems like I've been bored stiff out of my mind recently. There just isn't enough work on site to keep my mind stimulated, and hence, I've started once again to edit pictures for friends using Photoshop over lunch. I guess it keeps me occupied.

Here are some that I did recently...

Isn't Aleen just sweet?! She's a stewardess friend in Bahrain at the moment.

Wai Pang you lucky lucky man! You married my friend Vincci... She cooks! They are living in Newcastle, UK.

Gary Lee (in Melbourne), a.k.a. PoisE'n. Too busy for his own good!
In his words: "Advisor and Projects Coordinator by day, dancer/ choreographer/ dance instructor/ editor/ freelance marketeer/ memoir-er for Mr Wong/ socialite/ wanker/ dreamer/ hospital volunteer by night/ weekends!!"

Beautiful women, classic colors. I told Steph (left), that Korean Airline girls were the prettiest... I wonder why she still doesn't believe me?! On a separate note: Of course they are Malaysian-Chinese!

... and this is my personal favorite ~ Joanne and Marcus. They're in Perth right now... and Joanne is probably struggling to wake up for work while I was writing this post, since the poor girl got home at 11 last night. Shock horror!

* The chinese characters say "Hold me... Love me..."

Apologies to the readers to flipped this page open, only to find that they could not access in later on. I had to re-publish this blog due to some technical difficulties, while still running out to take care of business on the job-site. Yes, I was at work since 3am in the morning. ;)


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