Tuesday, September 06, 2005

News: My virgin typhoon!

News is that typhoon Nabi (나비) will hit Korean South and Eastern shores near where I am, this week. For those who speak Singaporean Hokkien: NO ~ it is not a swear word.

"Nabi" means Butterfly

Dude, there are two things now that I just CANNOT believe:
1. I'm going to have my virgin typhoon experience!
2. I'm actually excited about it. Hoping to take pictures of flying cows & Marilyn Monroe wannabes.

We have already been experiencing strong winds since yesterday. Apparently its going to be around the 10-30mph mark (that's it??!!) when it hits the shores of Korea. Japan, being in-the way, they've got it a lot worse.

Being the sensible person that I am, I slowed down from my usual 150kmph drive into work in cross-winds, to about 120kmph. I am proud of my self-control~

Song playing on my laptop: I will survive - Aretha Franklin......


At September 06, 2005 12:48 PM, Anonymous Sharon said...

Whilst getting excited abt nabi, pls do take care of urself when ur taking pics, and make sure u dont fly with the cows and marilyn monroe wannabes.

If that happens, u will be swearing nabE like a true sporean! ;)


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