Saturday, September 03, 2005

About me...: Night out at Elvis

For those who haven't spoken to me all that much, you probably don't realise how small a community it is down here in Suncheon...... and there is a small bar called 'Elvis' that most foreigners hang out at. We (foreigners total about 200 in this small town).

That's where we go to as well, just so we can keep our sanity through having a decent conversation in English from time to time.

Last night, while walking the 1km stretch there, here are a few things I noticed on the way:

1. There's not a single garbage bin.

2. There's hardly any thrash on the streets. Amazing, considering there are NO garbage bins.

3. I live next to the friggin red-light district of Suncheon.

4. That's a lot of $$$ on that shelf! Each bottle of liquor sells for an average of USD$100 in that bar!
~ that's pretty averagely priced for Korean standards


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