Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Traffic: Bad parking~

Holy crap...... I walk downstairs to grab the car from the carpark in the morning, and I see this.

I honestly had thoughts of sticking big insulting notes on their windshield!

Thank God my car was parked somewhere else with no one in front of me. Otherwise I'd have a hard time calling up the phone number on the friggin pillow (See here), waking some dude up at 6:30am + speaking in Korean.

Just for the record, Korea does have a problem with too many cars and too few parking spaces...... But then, the carparks in our apartment block are never THAT full. Just that they have to park somewhere else/in the basement, and walk a bit.

Lazy buggers~


At January 24, 2006 9:05 PM, Blogger Jo said...

well, i think korea still better than msia parking scene..the situation here ..lots of road mafia..double parking, can simply stop in the middle of road without any signal and came down from the car. can double or triple parking..hahaha..well, just bear with those bastard lah.


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