Friday, September 02, 2005

News: Oil prices

Alright...... so Hurricane Katrina hits the South East of the USA. My sympathy goes out to all who were affected.

One thing though, is that the incident pushed gas (gasoline/petrol) prices sky high in the USA, and people start complaining. So now, they pay about USD$3/gallon = USD$0.79/Liter.

That translates to ~ USD$40 per pump of a 50Liter tank on a Proton Wira/Hyundai Sonata......

You might say: "Wow, that's like...... RM150!"

But waitaminute~ Have a look at my typical gasoline bill for one pump of my car in Korea (Its got a 50Liter tank).

Prices have always been high here, even before the 'oil crisis', and its not just Korea...... Talk to anyone from Europe, and they'll tell you about EXPENSIVE gasoline.

My advice: Get used to it, or don't drive!


At September 02, 2005 3:57 PM, Blogger dejelly said...

thanks for ya comment on my blog..
wow!! u travel a lot.. nice pictures too!! must be really great to have been to so many places..


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