Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Culture: Slogans will protect you!

Just remember, Koreans LOVE slogans!

This again, is a shot of Mr. An, our model from the Tourmaline post some time ago. This time, he's here to model for us the vest, which we were told we have to wear on site.

On ALL vests are scribbled the words:
무재해 (Mujaehae) ~ "No accidents"

It's a stark reminder to everyone on the job site, of the reputation of having a poor safety record within its construction industry. Maybe some people believe it provides extraordinary protection to the wearer, by forces incomprehensible to the common man?

Here's food for thought on why I DON'T wear it... Which is safer?
  1. To wear a vest that says "No accidents" on it and climb/walk around the construction site, only to have the edges of the loose-hanging vest frequently caught in items that stick out, aka: bolts, pipes and sharp edges.
  2. To not wear it and simply have my shirt tucked in while climbing about. No loose edges.

It's corny anyway. I think I am entitled to win my case. :P


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