Sunday, December 11, 2005

PMS: Wireless internet

Let me have a go at the Korean internet system one more time.

This (Sunday) morning, I decided to use the FREE wireless internet again, which is from onlyGodknowswhere. Note that I've been using this in my apartment for the last 8 months. Personally, I don't think I'm 'stealing' someone else's bandwidth, because obviously, I could log on with no problems. This means that someone did not set up the system's security properly, and ANYONE could use the connection at will.


Anyway, what I'm here to take the piss out of is not this. Refer to the screenshot above.

Today, I believe they finally did something about it, and enabled this log on feature in the KT Megapass opening splash screen. Without logging on, I was restricted from getting on the internet.

"Oh joy... I have no account!" I grumbled to myself. "What about my faithful blog readers?!!"

This is where you get teary eyed, and promise to send this link to everyone you know. Since you KNOW that I care, and you'd want others to feel the joy of reading my blog.
Refusing to give up, I try to see if Yahoo, MSN and Google Messenger would work, because they do tend to bypass firewalls and proxy servers sometimes.

Voila ~ It works!

Since the messenger programs worked, I decided to try logging in to our company's network, and so I dished out the ol' VPN (login program, in a nutshell), and lo and behold... I now HAVE access to the internet, and am typing this at home right now!

So here's why I feel this deserves to be a Pretty Much Senseless (PMS) post:
A splash page that only prevents me from getting to the internet directly (only), is exactly like a locked gate in front of an un-walled house. PMS!


At February 11, 2006 10:46 AM, Blogger Max said...

Ah, from the look of it, the access point you'd been using belongs to KT, but someone had failed to correctly cofigure it to require a login. Also looks like all they've done now is just redirect all web requests to their login page--until you login.

From my apartment I've surveyed about 60 wireless access points. Ask me how much I pay for internet... ;)


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