Sunday, October 30, 2005

Language: "Kkwang!"

Noted this in the car park of Carrefour while on my weekly pilgrimage there...

주의 means "Be watchful" and sound of two cars hitting ~ 꽝 is pronounced as "KKWANG!". I'm used to car crashes though, that go "Boom!", "Bang!" or "Kerrang!".

Had me a chuckle too, when first introduced to Korean animals sounds!

Korean dog: "Mong Mong" - compared to - Caucasian dog: "Woof woof"
Korean cow: "Meh meh" - compared to - Caucasian cow: "Moo moo"

Waitamininute~! Caucasian goats go "Meh meh"! Does that mean a Korean cow and an American Billy-goat speak the same language??!

Here's a quick link in case you're interested in how animals sound from around the world.



At October 30, 2005 10:22 PM, Blogger ccpling said...

Nice learning...

At November 21, 2005 1:48 AM, Blogger Ryan said...

Here's a few more that I just learned in my Korean class:

야옹 cat
음메 cow
쨍그랑 plate crashing to the floor
꼬꼬댁 꼬꼬꼬 hen
쪽 kissing
꽝 slamming door
엉엉 crying
멍멍 dog
개굴개굴 frog


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