Monday, October 24, 2005

Travel: Nagan folk village

So maybe my Sunday wasn't a complete laze around the house, as yesterday's post suggested. Went off to Naganeupseong folk village (낙안읍성 민속 마을) on my own ~ Yes, I felt like spending the day on my own, which is perfectly fine. :)

Arrived at 2pm, and was greeted by the change of guard ceremony. Talk about coincidence! I knew going to church in the morning had to have done me good ~

Unbeknownst to me, the 12th annual Namdo food festival (남도 음식문화 큰잔치) was on-going as well!

It was packed, and the streets were just full of atmosphere. Have a look for yourself and clips of how the village looked like on that day.

Here's the exact meaning to the Chinese saying "Mountains and oceans of people" (人山人海).

OK, so in some parts of the village, it was still pretty quiet. On the South side of the village, I found me a shallow well... Story has it, that Nagan village has fortified walls shaped like a ship. Having said so, digging a deep well in the village would be synonymous to punching a big hole in the ship, thus ending the good fortune of the village.

Hence, they dug only a very shallow well, from which the magistrate drank. Supposedly, anyone who drinks from it will become good-natured, and better-looking...

Hell yeah, I'm in!

Back to the hustle and bustle... Street vendors with traditional foodstuff were all over the place. Everything from traditional BBQ to raw seafood was on display/sale.

Had the privilege of watching how some cakes are made... This one ~ ddok (똑), was basically made from freshly cooked rice and green tea mix. After being pounded into a gooey blob, it is lined with (what I think) is very finely ground nut-flour, and cut into munch-size slices...

Even took lessons from a fine lady on tea etiquette... Will blog about it another time.

Check out some of the craft and games they had on too. Good day out for the family...

Dad eats and drinks lots of soju with his mates, mum goes shopping and kids throw sticks at empty tin cans. Sweet~

To end it off, there's a garden outside of Nagan folk village. It's rather impressive, considering that every structure (about 3 meters tall) is made from tiny pebbles and rocks piled up on top of each other! Wow...

Oh, before I forget, there were also some comedians outside the folk village too, to top of the list of events for the day. I didn't understand a single word they said, but had a good laugh (*eww) just looking at them costumes...

And that was my Sunday... hopefully better looking, and better natured. ;)

For more pictures, click 'HERE'.


At October 25, 2005 7:52 AM, Anonymous g said...

Great post. I especially liked picture #2 (carrying the flags)...great color, and I like how it is "off-set".

Cool stuff, and looks like a great way to spend a Sunday.

At October 27, 2005 5:27 AM, Blogger Kurios1978 said...

Thanks g. I must admit, that shot was pretty impromptu... :P


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