Friday, October 28, 2005

PMS: Lights... what a waste

I originally dreaded the 3 a.m. shift, because in the previous shift 2 months ago, there were no lights around the plant. During construction, only minimal lighting from temporary power supplies is available, as the electricians would still be pulling cables, and setting up the place. Lighting would be one of the last things they'd do, as it is of lesser importance compared to the rest of the electrical equipment.

That basically meant that I had to carry a flashlight wherever I went, including to the loo... otherwise the floors would get wet. Wouldn't want to piss off the nice cleaning ladies would we?

But what a hassle!

Anyway this time round, most of the lighting around the plant was ready, and they had them switched on. Cool ~ no more flash light!

"Great..." I thought to myself, but wouldn't that be such a waste on a construction site? Wouldn't that be Pretty Much Senseless (PMS)?

You've got to realize a few things...

  1. They have EVERY single light bulb on the site turned ON, illuminating EVERY nook and cranny. You'd probably think it were daytime if you stood in the middle of the plant!
    *Excuse the exaggeration... but you get my point.
  2. No one works on the site at night, as far as any heavy duty construction work is concerned. Who is the light for ~ trolls hiding under the friggin drains?
  3. Electricity and energy in general is expensive in Korea. Since I'm not involved in the site-management, I really wonder how expensive it is? Note that even my wee apartment is already nearly a hundred/month.
    For such a big site, its gotta be in the thousands every month, even though the commercial electricity rate ($$) is much lower?! Mind you, they skimp on even USD$100 when we tell them something broke, and needs to be fixed ~ ok!
  4. The plant isn't making any money selling power YET, since it is under construction. Even if it did, the money to pay the electricity bill probably comes out of the construction company's budget ~ NOT the owners of the plant...
    Another ding in the construction budget!
  5. Other plants and factories I see around the place aren't as brightly lit up as ours anyway.
Another management screw up oversight... and I believe the PMS classification is justified. ;)


At October 28, 2005 12:10 PM, Blogger .k. said...

this is completely off the mark, but reading 'loo' in one sentence and 'piss off' in the next (with a completely diff meaning), was pretty funny.



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