Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mini Y2K... in Australia

Australia tried to be different, and pushed daylight saving back a week for 5 states.

Source: TheAge.com.au - I'm sure my clock is right!!

Do you know how many friggin conference calls I called into last night to Singapore and the USA, just to find that meetings were 1 hour later, and that all my Microsoft Outlook meeting calenders were telling me the wrong time? Gosh knows how many people messed up the same... trains coming into work yesterday were half empty.

THEY reckon almost 3/4 of the Adelaideans (is there such a word?) had no clue when daylight saving starts. All I know is, I have to live with screwy clocks and devices until daylight saving actually starts on April 6, 2008!

I guess this is what happens when a good idea isn't matched up with the practical steps to achieve the desired result... or rather, lawmakers are out of synch with the complexities of how the world operates.

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